Nejirwan Mesto

Senior Partner, Strategy & Analytics

Berlin, Germany

Nejirwan Mesto holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Mathematics and commenced his professional journey in 2019 at tectumedia. Initially, he worked in the Business Intelligence Team, focusing on tasks such as tracking, reporting, automated optimization, and analysis. After two years, he assumed leadership of the Marketing Analytics & Operations team. In this role, he was responsible for tasks including data analysis, forecasting and modeling, attribution modeling, campaign analysis, and the optimization and management of client campaigns.

His specialization lies in the supervision and evaluation of marketing campaigns, campaign and budget planning, as well as attribution and tracking.

Nejirwan brings extensive experience in data analysis and interpretation to the table, along with proficiency in forecasting and modeling techniques. He possesses expertise in developing and implementing attribution models, as well as in planning and executing marketing campaigns. His skills also encompass optimizing campaign performance and efficiently allocating budgets.

On a personal level, he is characterized by analytical thinking, leadership abilities, strong communication skills—particularly in conveying complex data concepts—and a detail-oriented and goal-driven approach.

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